Building, Permitting & Licensing

  1. Building Permits

    Building permits are required to enlarge, alter, repair, move or demolish the exterior of an existing building, construct a new building or structure or change the occupancy of a building.

  2. Contractor Registration

    Only contractors who are registered with the township may obtain building permits to perform work in Whitemarsh Township.

  3. Earth Disturbance Permit

    An Earth Disturbance Permit might be required if your project involves specific situations.

  4. Use & Occupancy Permit Application

  5. Historic District Property Alterations

    Any alternations to the exterior of any property or its environment that are designed to be visible from any public way within the designated historic district must be reviewed by the Historical Architectural Review Board.

  6. Links

    Links to the Township Streets Department, Right of Way Ordinance, Zoning information, Transportation Impact Fee Documents

  7. Road Occupancy

    All work performed within the Right-of-Way (ROW) of township roads require a Road Occupancy Permit.

  8. Fee Schedule

    Whitemarsh Township and Whitemarsh Police Department establish certain fees for the permits, materials, and services provided to township residents. This page contains a listing of all fees charged by Whitemarsh Township.

  9. Rental Licensing & Inspection

    Whitemarsh Township requires that owners of all rental units within the Township act in accordance with the Township Code's Rental Licenseing and Inspection Program requirements to ensure that each rental property is properly maintained by the owner and occupant. The Township Code provides for a regular inspection program, registration and licensing of residential rental units and penalties for noncompliance.

  10. Dumpsters/Portable Storage Units

    Requirements for the placement of portable storage units and dumpsters on properties located within Whitemarsh Township