Planning & Zoning

  1. Forms

    Peruse the zoning applications and planning forms online.

  2. Illegal Signs

    There are numerous temporary signs posted throughout the township advertising many products and events: most of these signs are not permitted and should be removed.

  3. Links

    View important links from Planning and Zoning.

  4. New Construction

    Learn about what is required for new construction, additions, fences, and more.

  5. Subdivision & Land Development

    Subdivision and/or land development applications are required for many proposed improvements to the land. A subdivision plan is required whenever a landowner wants to divide his / her property to create more than one building lot.

  6. Zoning District Size Regulations

    Each zoning district also has bulk and height regulations that determine the buildable area of each lot.

  7. Zoning Ordinance

    The Township Zoning Ordinance divides the township into zoning districts to accommodate various types of development and uses of land.