1. Board of Supervisors

    The governing body of the township is known as the Board of Supervisors and is composed of 5 members elected from the township at large.

  2. Boards & Commissions

    The Board of Supervisors makes every effort to appoint qualified citizens to boards, commissions, authorities or other agencies of the township in order to make the greatest possible use of the talents and interests of such citizens, thereby promoting the public interest and welfare of the township.

  3. Codes & Ordinances

    The Code of the Township of Whitemarsh is a codified, indexed and searchable electronic copy of the Ordinances of Whitemarsh Township and Charter that is produced and updated by General Code Publishers.

  4. Departments

    Learn more about services and programs provided by township government departments.

  5. Sewer Authority

    The township's sewer rent billing and collection is handled by the Whitemarsh Township Authority.

  6. Elected Officials

    Find links to websites for federal, state, county, school district and township elected officials.

  7. Environmental Information & Initiatives

    Learn how Whitemarsh Township addresses protection, conservation, management, promotion and use of natural resources located within the township

  8. Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to frequently asked questions.

  9. Township Administration Public Records Request

    Find the public records Right-to-Know request policy and request forms.

  10. Township Employment

    Discover employment opportunities with the Whitemarsh Township.

  11. Township Plans

    Discover adopted township plans.

  12. Bids/RFP Postings

    Get the latest bid postings for Whitemarsh Township

  13. Voting Information

    All registered voters are assigned to a voting district (e.g., East No. 1, Middle No. 4, etc.) depending on their place of residence.

  14. Whitemarsh TV

    The purpose of the Whitemarsh Township Government Access Channel is to provide township residents information on local government and local government-related community programs and events.