Vacant Home Notification

Vacation Safety Tips Before Leaving for an Extended Period of Time

Before leaving for vacation consider the following:

  • All windows and doors are locked
  • Lock any cars that would be left on the premise and don’t leave valuables purses, wallets or electronics in plain view even if the car is locked.
  • Set Timers for your Interior Lights
  • Use Motion Light Sensors for your Exterior Lights
  • Never Allow Mail or Other Deliveries to be left on your Property including the newspaper
  • Arrange for a Trusted Friend or Relative to Check your Home
  • Make sure the police department has a reliable phone number to contact you or a trusted friend or relative at in case of an emergency.

Whitemarsh Township Police Department also has an Vacant Home Notification Form for residents to complete.  Simply print out the form and drop it off at the station or by send it by mail to:

Whitemarsh Township Police Department

Attn: Dispatch

616 Germantown Pike

Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

If you need additional information or would like more information, please contact the Police Department directly at 610-825-6530.