Whitemarsh Township, Pennsylvania
Board of Supervisors
Sara Erlbaum, Chair
Amy Grossman, Vice-Chair
Robert R. Hart
Cathy Peduzzi
James A.Totten

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Zoning Hearing Board
Wednesday, March 07 2012



  • ZHB#2011-42:  Mi Kyong Park, Block 051; Unit 036, 428 Pennsylvania Avenue, Ft. Washington, PA  19034 - WITHDRAWN


  • ZHB#2012-01:  Philadelphia Cricket Club, Block 053B; Unit 002, 6025 West Valley Green Road, Flourtown, PA  19031.  In order to install new irrigation piping crossing the Floodway Fringe portion of the Floodplain Conservation District and crossing the Riparian Corridor Conservation District, as part of the Applicant’s proposed restoration of its Wissahickon Golf Course, and to allow grading and filling within the Floodway Fringe, the Applicant is requesting the following:  (1) An interpretation that underground irrigation piping is a structure permitted in the Floodway Fringe by Special Exception under Section 116-166.B.(2) and (3) or, in the alternative, a Variance from Section 116-166.B. to allow underground irrigation piping in the Floodway Fringe.  (2) A Special Exception under Section 116-166.B.(2) and (3) to allow installation and use of underground irrigation piping in the Floodway Fringe.  (3) A Variance from Section 116-165.B. to allow filling in the Floodway Fringe which will not cause an increase in flood heights or velocities.  (4) A Variance from Section 116-265.C. to allow corridor crossings of the Riparian Corridor Conservation District by underground irrigation piping, to be separated by less than 1,000 feet of buffer length, in the event the Township Board of Supervisors does not approve said corridor crossings separated by less than 1,000 feet of buffer length.

  • ZHB#2012-02:  David’s Bridal, Inc., Block 008; Unit 015, 444 E. North Lane, Conshohocken, PA  19428.  The Applicant plans to install two generators and four condensing units in front of the building in conjunction with a proposed data center to be added in the southerly front corner of the building.  This location is closest to the existing transformer, and will minimize the length of conduit and trenching necessary for the installation.  In order to install the generators and condensing units in the proposed locations, the Applicant requests a Variance from Section 116-24.E.(3)(a) which restricts the types of accessory uses permitted in the front yard. 


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