Police Department 

616 Germantown Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444



Link: Police Department

District Court 38-1-23
4002 Center Ave.
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
Ph: 610-828-5226

Contracted Towing Companies
If your car was towed as a result of an accident or impound, please call the police station at 610-825-6530 to determine which company was utilized.

Command Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Ward, Christopher Chief 610-825-6530
Keenan, Greg Lieutenant 610-825-6530
Nowak, Jeffrey Lieutenant 610-825-6530

Detective Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Cotter, James Detective Sergeant 610-825-6530
Cubbin, Craig Detective 610-825-6530
Lattanze, Gregory Detective 610-825-6530
Zadroga, Richard Detective 610-825-6530

Patrol Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Ditzler, Samuel Sergeant 610-825-6530
Johnson, Amanda Sergeant 610-825-6530
Kolar, Michael Sergeant 610-825-6530
Mack, Brian Sergeant 610-825-6530
Swan, Charles Sergeant 610-825-6530
Burton, Michael Corporal 610-825-6530
Laskey, Howard Corporal 610-825-6530
Wilhelm, Christopher Corporal 610-825-6530
Williams, Mark Corporal 610-825-6530
Burton, Todd Officer 610-825-6530
Bates, Robert Officer 610-825-6530
Cline, Stephen Officer 610-825-6530
Cooney, Jonathan Officer 610-825-6530
Galie, Kevin Officer 610-825-6530
Hannon, Michael Officer 610-825-6530
Hart, Lauren Officer 610-825-6530
Hopkins, Emily Officer 610-825-6530
Householder, Eric Officer 610-825-6530
Hunsberger, Christopher Officer 610-825-6530
Kerns, Stephen Officer 610-825-6530
MacMain, Caleb Officer 610-825-6530
Mundy, Vincent Officer 610-825-6530
Ryan, Thomas Officer 610-825-6530
Stadulis, Matthew Officer 610-825-6530
Stead, Adrian Officer 610-825-6530
Sweeney, James Officer 610-825-6530

Traffic Safety Unit 

Name Title Email Phone
O'Doherty, Michael Sergeant 610-825-6530
Hartman, John Officer 610-825-6530
Stemple, Richard Officer 610-825-6530

Administrative Services 

Name Title Email Phone
Chiarlanza, Heather Administrative Assistant to the Chief 610-825-6530
Fair, Lori Records Clerk 610-825-6530
Brandt, Sarah Administrative Assistant to the Lieutenants 610-825-6530