Township Plans

  1. 2011 Riverfront Open Space Plan

    This is a long-range plan for future development along the township’s 2.5-mile riverfront area of the Schuylkill River, from Conshohocken Borough to the boundary of the City of Philadelphia.

  2. 2009 Pedestrian & Bicycle Network Plan

    The Pedestrian and Bicycle Network Plan is to serve as a guide for Whitemarsh Township in the creation of a network of sidepaths, sidewalks, trails, bike lanes, and other appropriate facilities to restore the ease and safety of walking and bicycling in the township.

  3. 2007 Greenway Plan

    The Greenway Plan has been prepared by Whitemarsh Township to help guide future conservation and development efforts within the township.

  4. 2007 Parks & Recreation Plan

    The Parks and Recreation Plan sets forth a vision for how Whitemarsh Township can provide a premiere parks and recreation system reflective of the quality of life here.

  5. 2006 Open Space Plan

    The Open Space Plan sets in place the strategies to achieve the goal to protect and preserve the remaining undeveloped land, while directing higher-density development to locations where it will have the least impact.

  6. 2006 Roadway Analysis & Transportation CIP

    The Roadway Sufficiency Analysis and Transportation Capital Improvements Plan has been prepared by McMahon Associates in accordance with the requirements set forth in Pennsylvania Act 209 to assess transportation impact fees on new developments within municipal boundaries.

  7. 2003 Comprehensive Plan

    The Comprehensive Plan is a policy tool for the township to guide future growth and redevelopment.

  8. 2015 GamboneProperty Stewardship Plan

    Plan to address stewardship of and potential public access to the site’s natural features, including: (1) a description of the natural areas on the Property (2) a summary of stewardship issues and opportunities, and (3) general recommendations to address stewardship issues or fulfill stewardship opportunities.

  9. 2016 Riverfront Plan

    Whitemarsh Township and Conshohocken Borough were awarded a joint grant through the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission to create a Riverfront Plan to assess riverfront access, usage, and development opportunities for the riverfront they share.