Facility Rentals

The Whitemarsh Township Parks and Recreation Department offers many different rental options to residents and non-residents. All rental prices are based on a 2 hour time slots. You are permitted 1 hour before and 1 hour after for set-up and clean-up. Please reference the fee schedule below for cost information. A certificate of insurance is also required for all rentals.

An entire park may not be rented. The Pavilion in Miles Park and the Cedar Grove Barn can be rented as well as other individual facilities within other parks in the township. If you have specific questions regarding rentals or to arrange a site visit, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department during regular business hours or via email.

Park Rentals
View the park facilities for rent online.

Facilities Rental Application (PDF)

Permit for Grilling in Township Parks
Whitemarsh does not provide grills to use in township Parks, but those that are renting a Whitemarsh Park Facility can submit an application for a Permit for Grilling (PDF) to bring and use BBQ grills in the Township Park.

A Permit for Grilling (PDF) can be obtained from the Township Fire Marshal's Office by submitting a completed application with the required fee of $25, accompanied by a copy of the rental permit issued by the Parks and Recreation Department. The Fire Marshal's Office is located in the administration building located at 616 Germantown Pike. Any questions regarding this permit should be directed to the Fire Marshall's Office 610-825-3535.

Permit for Alcohol on Township Property
Alcohol is not permitted in any of the township parks. However, a permit for alcohol is available for indoor rental facilities. Please fill out the section for alcohol permit in the facilities rental application packet and submit it to the Parks and Recreation Department with the appropriate fees and deposits for an alcohol permit.