Hazardous Household Waste, Electronics, Tires, Drugs, and Documents Recycling

  1. Cell Phone Recycling

    Whitemarsh Township collects old, unused cell phones for proper disposal. The information on the cell phones are deleted and parts recycled.

  2. County Hazardous Household Waste Collection

    Montgomery County hosts hazardous waste collections events throughout the year where residents can bring unwanted hazardous household automotive products, home maintenance, lawn and pest control products to be recycled properly.

  3. County Paper Shredding Events

    Montgomery County hosts electronics collections events throughout the year where residents can bring unwanted electronics to be recycled properly.

  4. County Tire Collection Events

    The Montgomery County Commissioners authorize this annual event to prevent tires from being improperly disposed of and to reduce breeding grounds for disease carrying mosquitoes. The tires that are collected will be shredded and repurposed by a local business into products such as road surface material, highway sound barrier wall material and playground material.

  5. Electronics Recycling

    Residents can help the environment and clear out some space at home at the same time, recycling also helps reduce the township's trash collection expenses, saving tax dollars.

  6. Lightbulb Recycling

    Whitemarsh Township collects fluorescent lamps up to 4 feet in length and CFL bulbs for proper disposal.

  7. Prescription Drug Disposal

    A Drug Collection Box available in the lobby of the Police Department 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  8. Parks & Recreation Department Paper Shredding Day