DNT TXT N DRV Campaign

Project Ignition
The Whitemarsh Township Police Department in collaboration with the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School and Germantown Academy has kicked off a pledge campaign to educate students, faculty, and the community on the inherent dangers of texting while driving.

This teen driver safety initiative called Project Ignition, sponsored by State Farm and coordinated by the National Youth Leadership Council®, has selected 26 high schools from the United States and Canada that have each received $2,000 each to implement student-led campaigns this school year. The Whitemarsh Police Department submitted the grant application on behalf of the area high schools.
This campaign is part of a the recently established Plymouth Whitemarsh High School / Germantown Academy S.A.F.E. Coalition that allows the best and brightest from both schools to assist school and community leaders in the prevention of hazardous decisions that are stereotypically made by an alarming number of teenagers.

This campaign establishes a public relations crusade called the "DNT TXT N DRV" Pledge Campaign.
Project Outline
Two separate high schools in the same community, 1 public and 1 private, will work together on 1 mission - educating students, faculty and the public on the dangers of texting while driving.

Our ultimate objective is to prevent needless injuries and deaths by implementing several public safety campaigns in our High Schools that will ultimately have teenage drivers pledging never to text and operate a motor vehicle at the same time.

The True Reality

The majority of drivers today, both teenagers and adults, admit to texting while driving. Somehow drivers rationalize this behavior due to the fact that it takes but a mere moment. Text messaging from our phones while we are driving is a cultural epidemic. The "DNT TXT N DRV" Pledge Campaign is working to change behaviors and save lives by educating students on the countless scores of tragedies caused by the decision to text while driving.