Crime Alert

Residential Burglaries

April 6, 2016
There have been two reports of residential burglaries in the Township. One burglary took place at 3:30 AM on April 5 on Mulberry Lane where the victim observed two suspects wearing dark hooded sweat jackets running towards Ridge Pike. The victim’s purse and wallet were stolen. The second burglary took place on Gowan Lane on the same day, April 5, 2016 where a bicycle was stolen.  Both residences were occupied during the burglaries.

The Whitemarsh Township Police Department is asking residents to come forward with any information on suspicious activities and report any break-ins or suspected burglaries to the Township Police Department right away. 

Residents are also advised to lock all doors and windows when the homes are occupied as well as not occupied.

Residents can contact the Township Police Department Detectives Division at 610-825-6530.

Telephone Scammers

February 2, 2016
The Whitemarsh Township Police Department has been receiving numerous calls from citizens throughout the township reporting they had received fictitious telephone calls or recordings from subjects representing themselves as IRS employees. These subjects demand immediate payment for owed taxes in attempt to defraud victims or threaten them with the possibility of being arrested for not paying.

The Whitemarsh Police Department would like to remind citizens that the IRS will not call demanding payment or request any personal information over the telephone. Any citizen who receives such calls is advised not to provide the subjects with any information and hang up immediately.

Additional information from the IRS on how to identify fraudulent IRS scams and report such calls can be located on the IRS website at or by calling 1-800-366-4484.

Most recent article from the IRS:,-Remain-on-IRS-Dirty-Dozen-List-of-Tax-Scams-for-the-2016-Filing-Season

If you have any questions please contact the police department directly at 610-825-6530.